The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.

Passion for creativity is expressed in everything we do

Creativity Works! stands for imagination, innovation, freedom of expression and the creative process itself is at the center of everything we do. We are passionate about creating it, delivering it and enjoying it.

Customer driven

We pay great attention to finding out what customers want and helping them to get it

Bespoke design

We strive to determine the needs and desires of each client in order to accommodate location, views, needs and budget constraints.

Seamless Service Delivery

What really differentiates us, is investing in the consistency and effectiveness of a strong service experience, regardless of the channel being leveraged, thereby resulting in lower service costs, greater agent effectiveness and improved customer satisfaction.

Staff Well Being

We provide a sense of physical security  which is important for employees, including the safety of work practices (Health and Safety ), the adequacy of equipment and the pleasantness of the work environment. A sense of job security and clear career prospects both help increase employees well being.


Our quality audit procedures are renowned for saving our clients time and money and our programs are pivotal to delivering our value proposition.

Farm Air Conditioning and refrigeration Engineer Ltd. is a Kenyan privately owned and operated commercial and industrial air conditioning, refrigeration and mechanical ventilation works Company, which has maintained steady growth and stability since commencing operations in 1995. Today it has grown over the years, and lately been involved in various projects including new installations and refurbishment of Banks, industrial premises, institutions of learning etc.

On 19th November 2008, Farm became registered under the Registration of Building Contractors with the Ministry of Public Works. On 16th march 2010, it changed name to Farm Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Engineers Ltd with the Registrar of Companies.
The Company operates from two locations; the main operations being located at Industrial area, Busia road and Dubai partners. In total, Many of our management and support staff have trade qualifications and extensive industry experience. The administrative functions of the business are very well resourced, enabling prompt and efficient processing and inquiry response.
Our business size means that we have the capacity to efficiently deal with large volumes of work, particularly during peak periods, whilst still maintaining an excellent level of customer service where our clients personalized requirements are met.
Farm Air Conditioning and refrigeration Engineers Ltd trains apprentices from our local training institutes in Kenya. This, coupled with running skills training sessions for our other qualified technicians ensures that a high level of expertise is retained within our organization and industry.

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